Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Orange Squirt)

Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Orange Squirt)

We want to make sure you’re always ready to give your best performance both inside the bedroom and out, so we’ve partnered with board certified doctors to create our new full-spectrum CBD drops in Orange Squirt! Our CBD is extracted from the highest quality hemp and blended with all organic ingredients to deliver delicious taste and ensure perfect performance. We’ve also added MCT oil to power-up nutrition and some pleasurable tasting ingredients to guarantee we always leave the best taste in your mouth! Our advanced technologies help create an overall enhanced, full-body experience. It’s just what the doctor ordered! These full-spectrum CBD drops will help you handle life’s daily headaches. Let HABIT touch both your mind and your body every single day! Always American-Made. Always vegan. Non-GMO. Kosher and Gluten-free.


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